As an Organic spices exporter, Sustainability has always been a deeply valued and focused area of our operations.

Global temperatures are on the rise, but our planet continues to give life and nourish every one of us. That’s why at Cinnatopia, we believe in making our planet a priority across part of our business. Our focus is to produce sustainable, certified and organic Spices that’s free of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Doing so will only preserve our environment, its people and help to lead healthier lives.

Ceylon Organic Farmers’ Association (COFA)

In efforts to promote sustainable practices, we established the “Ceylon Organic Farmers’ Association” by joining hands with farmers who share the same vision. These groups of farmers have pledged to avoid the use of pesticides, weedicides or any other harmful chemical when planting & growing spices. 

Cinnatopia works in unison with COFA to grow, process and produce Spices in line with best agricultural and manufacturing practices. Therefore, we work with Agriculture inspectors, field officers and compliance managers recruited by Cinnatopia to help our farmers follow proper standards. 

How is Cinnatopia making a difference together with COFA?

  •  Increasing Farmers’ living standards through Fair-trade premiums.
  • Creating a better future for future generations.
  • Promoting healthy living by producing Organic spices.
  • Implementing GMP from farm level by educating farmers promoting clean, safe spices (Food safety from farm to table)
  • Sustaining an eco-friendly environment through Rain Forest Alliance regulations and practices protecting rainforests and surroundings around spices growing in Sri Lanka.
  • Ensuring traceability records from farm to table.
  • Promoting pure & natural sustainable Spices.

Today COFA has expanded from 1 farm group to 3 farm groups across Sri Lanka. In 2020, COFA is growing into a much larger group as we create 5/6 subgroups in researched areas for growing high quality Organic spices. Cinnatopia has born all certification fees for COFA, as well as distributing 2000 pepper plants to increase production of Organic Peppers.

Solar Polytunnels

While COFA is an excellent promoter of sustainable spices for our brand Cinnatopia, we have also invested in techniques to process spices in a way that leaves the minimal carbon footprint.  

Drying spices is a critical part of processing spices. We use greenhouses/ polytunnels to dry spices and increase more sun drying while avoiding all/ any possible contamination.

We also encourage you to visit us in Sri Lanka, talk to us and look at the efforts we make to uplift the sustainable spices industry in Sri Lanka. Join us, as we strive to better the way we treat our planet.