About Us

Cinnatopia is the legacy of a company founded in 1955. A visionary entrepreneur with a keen eye into the future, set out to create an export market for his authentic Sri Lankan spices which quickly caught the attention of the World.

The second generation of the family then carried on this business heritage by expanding to foreign markets such as South America and Mexico, acquainting the true taste of Ceylon Cinnamon to the World.

As the 3rd generation, Sashika de Silva establishes Cinnatopia from inception further expanding into USA, EU, Australian, South African and Japanese markets. Along with Sashika De Silva’s entrepreneurial skills and Rasika Alwis’s eye for high quality and innovation Cinnatopia becomes one of the leading, reputable Suppliers into the EU and USA markets within just a few years. The primary focus of this new brand identity was to associate Cinnatopia with high quality spices.

The company, associated with high standards of quality and authenticity today caters to custom requirements of wholesale and retail buyers across the world. This includes a state-of-the-art production facilities to produce and process high quality whole and ground spices to export according to the requirements specified by international customers.

Moving into the future, Cinnatopia will continue to add flavour to lives across the world, expanding to new territories with their infinite potential.


Years in Business


Years in Business

Our Vision

To make Cinnatopia the most preferred supplier of organic spices from Sri Lanka to the International Market.


Our mission is to keep preserving the authenticity and quality of Ceylon Spices whilst adhering to international standards. In order to achieve this, Cinnatopia focuses on a few key areas:

  • Growing organic spices
  • Ensuring food safety to the end consumer.
  • Adhering to sustainable production & processing
  • Assisting Sri Lankan farmers gain exposure to the world market and help improve their production standards.

Certifications & Recognition

Our Milestones

1st generation

1940s – Commenced business operations. 1st shop for trading opened in Wathugedara.

1956 - Shop and Facility opened for collecting, processing, selling at No.125, Ambalangoda.

2nd generation

1979 – Mr. Lal De silva (Eldest son of Mr. Peter) initiates the first export consignment to Chile as H1 cinnamon bales to Mr. Velarde Hermanos.

1982 - First office is built in Colombo near Colombo Harbor.

1983 – Begins exporting Ceylon Cinnamon to Spain

1985 – Opens first Ceylon Cinnamon facility in Mattakuliya.

1986 - Begins exporting Ceylon Cinnamon to Spain and Mexico.

1989 – Sri Lanka’s largest Ceylon Cinnamon facility is built in Ambalangoda.

1993 - De silva family becomes No.1 exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon into the world by volume, and quality.

2001 - Operations are expanded into Los Angeles Office

Presidential awards for Largest Agricultural Exports from Sri Lanka - 2011,2014, 2015.

National chamber of exporters Awards for Extra-Large Agricultural Exports from Sri Lanka - Gold Awards -1998- 2007.

Inception of Cinnatopia Pvt Ltd - 3rd generation.

2010 – Cinnatopia Pvt Ltd is founded by Sashika De Silva – Eldest daughter of Mr. Lal De Silva.

2012 - Cinnatopia begins exports into the International Market. First consignment is sold to Korea – Cinnamon Bark Oil.

2013 – Cinnatopia builds 1st processing facility to meet international demands. First full container load is exported to UK – Cloves Hand Picked and Selected.

2016 – Cinnatopia builds second ISO 22,000 certified facility. Cinnatopia establishes Organic and FairTtrade Farmer groups – COFA.

2016 – Cinnatopia becomes Kosher certified.

2017 – Cinnatopia becomes Fair trade certified. Cinnatopia commences exporting Fair trade Exports.

2018 – Cinnatopia becomes the First exporter to become Rain Forest Alliance certified for Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

2018 – Cinnatopia becomes FSSC 22,000 certified.

2018 – Cinnatopia expands into 3rd Processing Facility with large capacities to meet milling demands.

2018 – Cinnatopia expands COFA into 3 more subgroups adding more farmer's.

2019 – Cinnatopia expands into 4th building with a state of the art milling complex and added infrastructure.

2019 – Cinnatopia wins NCE Awards as one of the Best Exporters for Spices & Spice based products.

2019 – Cinnatopia diversifies into different organic natural products and new International Markets.

2020 – Cinnatopia expands into other Organic Food Sectors within the Group.

2021 – Cinnatopia achieves IFS certification –(World’s Highest Quality Standard for Food)

2021 – Cinnatopia wins Gold and Silver NCE Awards as Best Exporter for Organic and Spices.

2021 – Cinnatopia wins CNCI awards in the Extra Large Category for best exports.

2021 – Cinnatopia builds the 3rd brand new facility for Organic Foods Processing with IFS standards.