About Us

Cinnatopia is a company incorporated to continue the legacy of authentic Ceylon spices initially set by G.Peter de Silva in the year 1955.  As one of the prominent Sri Lankan businessmen in his time, Peter traded in spices and enhanced the local industry.

After G.P De Silva, his son G.E.L de Silva continued his legaacy reaching foreign markets such as South America and Mexico making G.P.D.S name and crown logo the most preferred Ceylon Cinnamon in the world.

As 3rd generation, his eldest daughter Sashika de Silva and son in law Rasika Alwis have further expanded into USA, EU, Australian, South African and Japanese markets through the initiation of Cinnatopia. Main focus of the new generation is to produce and process ‘High Quality & Safe’ spices and become the No.1 supplier of organic spices from Sri Lanka to the international market.

This family business, blessed with talented entrepreneurs has flourished and succeeded in amalgamating the brand Cinnatopia with high standards and authenticity. The company is able to cater to the custom requirements of wholesale and value added seeking buyers all around the world. This includes the facility to produce and process high quality whole spices and spice blends to export according to the requirements of the international customers.




The objective of this company is to ensure the preservation of the authenticity and quality of Ceylon Spices as well as the establishment of Cinnatopia brand as the most preferred Sri Lankan Spice supplier among international markets.

We are focused on:

  • Organics
  • Food Safety
  • Sustainable Production & Processing
  • Trace-ability
  • Help Sri Lanka – Improve exposure of Sri Lankan spices in the world market and help farmers to improve production